Soludo consolidating nigerian banking

The answer is simply because that is the sensible thing to do to reposition the bonafide banks leaving behind the trading societies to conduct trade.Also in the spirit of Democracy, we can always find a middle road.

The following position paper which is meant for informational purposes only must not be construed as legal advice.While Sellers reasons for seeking to be acquired may include the following; New technological developments may have damaged its competitive position; The company may need, and be unable to secure, new or additional financing; Its owners may need liquid assets, such as the marketable securities of the acquirer, to pay death taxes; Its owners may want to retire; The company may want to block a takeover bid.One may legitimately ask since we are in a Democracy, why do the Banks have to recapitalize?A consolidation occurs when two or more organizations are combined into one legal entity.It is distinguishable from a merger in that neither of the consolidated corporation survives and the target corporation ceases to exist.[4]Merger means any amalgamation of the undertakings or any part of the undertakings or interest of two or more companies or the undertakings or part of the undertakings of one or more companies and one or more bodies corporate[5]To enter more profitable markets; To diversify or expand its products; To change the direction of its business; To increase its ability to secure financing by increasing asset base and cash flow; To avoid the expense of starting up in a new field or industry; To strengthen its management; To acquire new technologies or enhance existing capabilities; To utilize excess plant capacity or to acquire new plants; To increase its earnings per share by adding other companies earnings to its own.

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