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The flag is normally made in the proportions of 3:2 or 5:3, and the width of the stripes in the cross is usually one fifth of the height of the flag.

The Saltire became part of the Union Flag following the Union of the Crowns of England and Scotland in 1603.

Once again, the key criterion for consideration was that those nominated should be living contemporary examples of Scottish women who have made a significant contribution to Scottish culture and society.

Created in partnership with Glasgow Women’s Library, the ‘Outstanding Women of Scotland’ community aims to recognise and celebrate remarkable Scottish women from all walks of life who have made an outstanding contribution to Scottish society.

They are role models for us all and I look forward to celebrating their achievements with them on this special occasion.” “Once again this year, it is a great privilege to honour these truly inspiring women.

The Saltire Society exists to promote and celebrate Scottish culture and heritage.

The following morning the two armies formed up for battle.

As they did so, a strange cloud formation appeared, forming a broad diagonal white cross against the background of bright blue sky.

The battle that followed was an improbable victory for the outnumbered Picts and Scots.

Although the site of the battle is close to the village now called Athelstaneford, Athelstan wasn't actually born until 895. This was one of the most significant battles in British history, defining forever the existence and approximate boundaries of England.

This makes the legend of the foundation of the Saltire begins to look a little like spin-doctoring in the centuries that followed, in an effort (very successfully) to airbrush the disastrous Battle of Brunanburh out of history in favour of a story that showed Athelstan in a much worse light: and the Scots more favourably.

Another version of the same story comes from a Latin history of Scotland, written in the 1440s by Walter Bower.

This has the key player the Pictish King Unust, who was fighting the Northumbrians: the story is otherwise the same.

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