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RATH: I love that you say that because, to me, that’s the biggest compliment.Knowing that fans of the British series that were giving us some slack before our first season aired, have now come around and watch our series as something on its own, is the biggest compliment.A friend of mine is fostering her through Chews Life Dog [email protected] one's name is Cupcake and she's awesome.They were the ones that were the most skeptical, in the beginning.WITWER: Let it be said, we understand why they were skeptical.It does take us down a path that’s dangerous for ourselves, and for the family we’ve created together.

SAM WITWER: It’s interesting because the first season was about them building the home and trying to reconnect with their humanity.

Obviously, we would have to rebuild the house, but everything could be okay, from that point.

But, what we end up rebuilding, in the second season, is a house of horrors. MEAGHAN RATH: The themes of this season are temptation and desire, and that’s what we’re all tapping into.

Sam will be playing Jacob, the evil and overbearing warden of a mental institution who “takes pleasure in tormenting his most disturbed and helpless patients,” according to Deadline.

is back for Season 2 on Syfy, as the three supernatural friends struggle with their double lives, in ways that get darker than ever before.

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