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One sample, a quartz-molybdenite vein from the exocontact (altered quartz-sericite schist of the Ochtiná Formation), provides a Re-Os age of 81.4 ± 0.3 Ma.

The second molybdenite occurs as 1-2 mm disseminations in finegrained granite, and provides an age of 81.6 ± 0.3 Ma.

The oldest BMS TRD age of 3.7 Ga is preserved in a metasomatic BMS associated with secondary clinopyroxene and phlogopite.

If you would like to receive automatic email messages as soon as this article is cited in other publications, simply activate the “Citation Alert” on the top of this page.Nano-particle PGM (Pt-alloys) with radiogenic 187Os/188Os (0.1294-0.1342) were found included within unradiogenic BMS (187Os/188Os 0.1066-0.1084).This signifies that the PGM formed in the presence of Re and evolved to high 187Os/188Os compositions over a long time scale.The enrichment of HSE led to the precipitation of metasomatic BMS which impact on the Re-Os ages determined.As such, the whole-rock and single grain BMS TRD (rhenium depletion model age) indicate that the mantle was pervasively metasomatised as early as 3.2 Ga.

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A suite of samples from the Kalahari craton (Kaapvaal and Zimbabwe cratons) are investigated in terms of their metasomatic overprint and Re-Os systematics.

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