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As one testimonial from Farmers Only said perfectly, “When you marry a farmer, you’re also marrying their career.”City singles, on the other hand, bask in Tinder bliss with thousands of potential mates to swipe through. In fact, there’s a good chance you already know who’s available, and you might have dated them in middle school. When you work in an office or restaurant in a city, you can clock out of work, cross a street and find yourself in a dating situation in two minutes if you like. If you’re a dairy farmer, you don’t really clock out. You’re basically on call constantly or actively/physically working at your job.

If you never escaped to go date someone somewhere else or marry someone you’ve known since kindergarten, your options are slim.

We talked a fair amount about his farm, roughly two hours from the city, but it always felt like it existed in a sort of alternate universe that didn’t have anything to do with the one in which we drank beers at pool bars.

Really, for my social life, period, I’m in Memphis and New Orleans a lot — that’s kind of where I get that outlet.

When I’m on the farm, that’s my oasis to come and be alone and be away from all of the, ah, evil influences of the outside world.

The worst you get is a collection of people who also heard the twangy call of the country.

And once you get past the gimmicks and the brand management, you’ll find a list of mostly enthusiastic singles in your area. The only problem with the site as I see it is that even though it’s for farmers, it can’t escape the reality of farm life either.

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