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I use up five days of my time, wasting the perfect sword-fighting times, to try one and buy a dress, which cost me an arm and a leg to buy! I had to put them on lay-away and get a minimum wage job!

I spend five f*cking hours on my hair, and the curling iron cost me a lot!

This friendship was destroyed and I couldn't fix it.

I had just ruined the best friendship I'd ever have.

I sat in the Poseidon cabin, playing Pokémon gold on a game boy color. Her mind was as sharp as always and she was still quite witty. But, being the brave young soldier she was, she got through it with a smile on her face. She'd usually come back drunk or ragged from having s*x. I recalled an event that had happened a few weeks ago. A sigh escaped her coloured lips and I immediately felt bad for saying that.

you kissed me on the cheek." I felt my cheeks heat up.

After all, she was probably disgusted with me by now. Or at least, you don't show it." I found some strength inside me to smile.

could you drive Annabeth to some party she's having with her school friends? " "Because Luke and I are busy, Tyson can't drive, and you don't want to trust any Hermes kids with a car." "F*ck.

After that I took my morpher and morphed into zeo 1 pink. You think it's not fair that she has to live at some boarding school. For a moment, I feared Aphrodite was playing a trick on me.

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And Annabeth is actually apart of the justice league. She smiled at me in that convincing way that made me mad. Of course, over the six years I'd known Annabeth she'd grown up nicely until she blossomed into a fine young lady. I had found out first-hand why you should never mess with a teen girl when she's on her period. Especially when you have an advantage with your mother being the goddess of wisdom and what not.

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