Ms word calendar control not updating

Or you can provide a couple of macros that do exactly what your users need, without the confusion the built-in features sometimes cause.

If Auto Complete doesn't work, someone has probably disabled the feature.

It offers quick access to many of the tools you will be using during your projects.

If it isn't currently visible in your copy of Excel you can enable it by going to Excel Options.

Despite that, you might find users prefer a quick macro.

The idea might seem like overkill — but if a simple macro eliminates user confusion and mistakes, a macro is worth the effort. The False value enters the date or time as a string.

Add a couple of custom buttons for both macros and take all the guesswork out of entering the current date and time.The code that creates and operates the calendar has to reside inside an Excel file. If you want the pop-up calendar to be available whenever you are working in Excel you should create it in Personal.xlsb, sometimes referred to as your Personal Macro Workbook, because this file exists to store code that you want to be available to all your Excel files. Any macros and functions it contains are then available for use in any other workbook.To find out whether or not you already have a copy of read the instructions in New to VBA? However since the Personal Macro Workbook, as its name implies, is specific to your copy of Excel it will reside either on your computer's hard drive or within your personal profile on the network.In Microsoft Office 2007 you have the choice of which Active X control to use but in Microsoft Office 2010 you must use the Month View control as described in this tutorial.The tutorial shows you how to create a pop-up calendar using the Microsoft Month View control that is installed with Excel.

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