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This is fact you will never hear in any social science class or in the media. I thought I would post this link for those of you that want an insight into the type of problems Western/Chinese relationships commonly encounter. ng-t2Although western/chinese realtionships have a lower success rate I have met chinese woman that are both trustworthy and sincere. Hepatitis B and other STD`s are very common so expect the worst. I know, cause I am descended from them You are right that English speaking foreign girls tend to be more opinionated and harder to get along with, as well as big on political correctness and easily offended.

Also, if you decide to end a relationship with a chinese woman it is recommended you do it in a public place or over the phone to avoid being physically attacked. Now, I speak no Putungua so communication is difficult. So your best bet for a wife is to find one who speaks minimal English.

Not suprisingly, wife beating is supposed to be fairly common.

If u can speak chinese you`ll find it easy to get a smokin hot chinese girlfriend.

If a woman wants to have sex with u, its usually because she wants to marry you.

If u have sex with a chinese woman and you don`t marry her you could be looking down the barrel of a shotgun if her parents find out.

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