Consolidating audio files in pro tools

And your Track Stack can be collapsed for simplicity or expanded at any time for more control.

Other track-based features add even more functionality.

And with 64-bit architecture, you’ll have the power you need to handle projects of any size.

Add virtually any software instrument to your arrangement.

And with Logic Remote, you can engineer it all on your i Pad Pro, i Pad, or i Phone from anywhere in the room.

Keep your sessions better organized by consolidating multiple related tracks — for example, all the drums or vocals — into a track format called Track Stacks.

The Sound Library provides thousands of Patches along with channel-strip and plug-in settings created by top sound designers.

Most of the retail space near the connector is taken up by a single mystery IC.

TASKING enables industry leading companies to fulfill their promise, one line of code at a time.

Drummer gives you powerful technology for creating organic-sounding acoustic drum tracks or kicking electronic beats with remarkable ease.

Though keep in mind, this slightly lower measurement is still higher than the theoretical maximum you get from a compact disc (which is 96 d B). If you sit in a quiet room with a really, really good pair of headphones …

Best in class companies invest the time to precisely engineer the most desired products, and they invest in the tools that drive their progress.

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Using Drummer is like hiring a virtual session drummer or collaborating with a highly skilled beat programmer to perfect your song or dance track. Get more fills, increased intensity, or heightened complexity to match the song and section. Even direct the drummer or programmer to take inspiration from another track in the song.

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