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Delpy attended the March 2002 opening of the park and the inauguration of the film-based attraction which sees her star as Marguerite—a female actress with whom Short's character, George, falls in love as he stumbles through countless classic movies.

She made her feature length directorial debut in 2002, with a film entitled "Looking for Jimmy" which she also wrote and produced.

She has been nominated for three César Awards, two Online Film Critics Society Awards, and two Academy Awards.

After moving to the United States in 1990, she became an American citizen in 2001. They really raised me with a love of art, bringing me to museums and seeing things that a child wouldn't see at that age.

Julie Delpy was born in Paris to Albert Delpy, a french actor and theater director, and Marie Pillet, an actress in feature films and the avant-garde theater. On the stages of Paris, Delpy's parents were involved in underground theatre. I would see Ingmar Bergman movies when I was 9 and totally go for it.

And they would bring me to see Francis Bacon's paintings, which I loved: so dark and at the same time it's so wonderful.

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